Airbus A-380 starts service at Dulles

Just before two Monday afternoon, the world’s largest passenger jet, the Airbus A-380, rolled down the runway at Dulles Airport.

The Air France flight from Paris marked the start of daily service in the Washington region for the super jumbo jet.

“I just can't imagine how it ever gets off the runway,” said Dan Ranard, a passenger.

Rob Yingling, of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said a new fueling pit was installed to accommodate the extra fueling capacity on the Airbus. A few taxi-way signs were moved as well.

One of the things they also had to change here Dulles were the jet ways. Since the Airbus has two floors, there are now two separate jet ways for both the lower and upper levels.

"I think it's awesome as long as there still some legroom and it's not shrunk anymore,” said passenger Ben Ranard.