Air travelers get a little payback

For all the things that can make air travel torture, travelers are finally getting a little payback – mandated by the federal government.

Last year, more than 65,000 passengers were bumped from oversold flights. Under the new rules, if you get bumped, you are entitled to a cash refund of four times what you paid. Travelers can even receive up to $1,300 if they are delayed for more than two hours.

"Passengers like to be treated with fairness,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “ They like to be treated with respect, particularly when they're paying large sums of money to board an airplane."

If the airline manages to get you onto another flight in under two hours, you still get double what your ticket cost – up to $650 in cash.

Those annoying bag fees you paid to the airline that lost your luggage – in some cases up to $200 – will also be refunded.

Also, all taxes and fees must be displayed in every advertised price.