AIDS Memorial Quilt on display in D.C.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt while on display in San Francisco. (Courtesy Flickr)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The AIDS Memorial Quilt has returned to Washington.

Five trucks carrying the quilt will arrive Saturday morning. Sections of the quilt are going on display beginning Wednesday during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. About 8,000 panels will be on display during the festival.

Another 40,000 panels will be on display at various times during the AIDS 2012 international conference being held in Washington from July 21 to July 25.

The quilt was started in 1987 as a memorial to people who died from AIDS. Each section was created by the family and friends of someone who died from the disease.

The quilt currently measures 1.3 million square feet and weighs 54 tons. It is now too large to display all at once on the National Mall.