After the royal wedding, there's the honeymoon

One of the most guarded secrets of this wedding has been where Prince William and Kate Middleton are going for their honeymoon. We're still looking to dig up that insight but perhaps some of the things Kate recently purchased to take with her offer a clue.

This week, the soon to be princess Kate was out shopping here along King's Road, the British equivalent of Georgetown.

“She has, she's been up and down the street recently,” said Alexandra Maedley.

Middleton purchased several items including an Orange and White dress with a black tie, navy pants, a white lacy blouse and a poppy floral dress.

The piece ranged from about $80 to $250. Cost-conscious fashion that Americans admire but some British say is too common for a princess. Retailers who have sold items to Prince William's Bride say she's created a shopping frenzy.

“American women love the fact that she is so feminine and romantic and sophisticated,” said Heather Shaw Menis.

“I think I'd look so good in some of her outfits but you know I just cant pull it off,” joked Ken Smith from Dallas, Tx.

Some of the ideas being tossed around for a potential honeymoon destination include an East African retreat, a visit to Jordan, the Great Barrier Reef, or even a staycation in England.

But first, Prince William and Kate Middleton have to get through the big day, which is now just hours away.