After landslide, Stafford residents demand answers, help

Dan and Michele O'Leary went to their condemned home Thursday. The look out their bedroom window was devastating, they said.

The deck, the hot tub, the yard, all went cascading down into the woods, just as the Barnes’ home next door.

A massive landslide destroyed their home and others in the Austin Ridge community of Stafford.

At a town meeting in an elementary school Thursday, the families peppered county officials with questions. Why did the landslide happen? Who's to blame?

The O'Leary's paid $340,000 for their dream home but insurance won't cover the landslide. Now they can't sell it.

“They reappraised the dollars,” the family said.

The answers are complex, officials said, but they're appealing to the governor and FEMA for money.

“Any perception that we're ignoring or not dealing with it are not true. There're meetings....ways to help,” said Mark Dudenhefer, chairman of the Stafford County board of supervisors.

The O'Learys also question whether the developer, who they say has refused to meet with them, cut corners.