Afghan helicopter crash, facebook used to express grief

Thoughts, prayers and personal family photos fill the Facebook pages dedicated to the men who were killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan Saturday.

It’s the single most tragic loss of life since the war began and the sadness is bringing people together online.

Social networking has become the place to memorialize the dozens of American lives lost Saturday. One Navy SEAL TEAM 6’s Facebook page has 25,000 posts.

"They sacrificed their lives for America and I don't think a lot of people realize that..." posted one person. On Navy SEAL Kevin Houston’s memorial page, one woman wrote: "Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in freedom. My 3 children and I are forever grateful..."

Houston was 36-years-old, from Cape Cod and on his fourth tour of duty. His childhood friends are finding comfort in sharing memories. One of the thousands of posters on Houston’s page wrote: "It's times like these that make being a grown-up so tough...oh to be in the halls or on the fields at BHS again & to see your smile, hear your laugh..."

On Aaron Vaughn’s page, one woman writes of the Navy SEAL who lived in Virginia Beach: "The words "thank you" do not accurately describe what every American should be feeling following the ultimate of sacrifices."

There’s also a picture with his wife, 2-year-old son and 2-month-old daughter. He was present at both births.