Adams Morgan bar closed after two critically injured in attack

Rendezvous: Notice of Closure

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – A night out in Adams Morgan, an alleged unruly bar patron, and a customer who stepped in to help him –it all ended with a violent fall down a staircase. Two were critically injured, including a good Samaritan who suffered a fractured neck, fractured skull, and brain hemorrhaging.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier has ordered the bar closed for four days.

"There was a huge pile of blood everywhere and they were trying to push people past," says area resident Emily Nelson.

It all happened just before 2 a.m. at Rendezvous on the main drag of Adams Morgan. Sources tell ABC7 that a man hit a customer over the head with a drinking glass and then picked up a bar stool and started waving it around. They also say the customers grabbed him and were trying to escort him out, but somewhere in the struggle, something went horribly wrong.

The suspect and one of the good Samaritans – a man in his 40’s – fell down the staircase leading to the front door.

"Is it out of control with fights? Yes, especially on the weekends," says Zack Abrahim, who owns a coffee shop just a few doors down. He often worries about the violence in the neighborhood.

“I wish that things would get better here or anywhere on the street, because it is not safe for people," he says.

The suspect lives in an apartment just yards away on Kalorama Street. Neighbors wouldn’t speak on camera, but he also reportedly suffered a fractured skull in the fall and is currently in the hospital.

Police say he was charged with assault for the initial blow with the drinking glass, but there are no arrested suspects and no charges yet in the case of the fall – it is currently under investigation. The victim was taken from the scene unresponsive

"It is great that people want to come here to have fun -- unfortunately, intoxication leads to this type of violence which is just tragic," says Adams Morgan resident John McCall.

The incident at the Rendezvous Lounge is the second this month at a high-profile Adams Morgan nightclub. On Aug. 10, a man was stabbed inside The Reef, a restaurant and bar up the street.

After D.C. police ordered the The Reef closed for several days, its owners and the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board reached an agreement to reopen. However, earlier this week, the bar's owners announced that it was closing for good.