A very close call

Help was so close but impossible to reach.

A motorcycle shot off Bristow Road and into the woods last Thursday night. The bike and cyclist, 29-year-old Justin Hipple, flew some 50 yards into a patch of woods. He languished in and out of consciousness for 22 hours.

The crash shattered several vertebrae in Hipple's back. He could barely move. But he knew his cell phone was in the tale of his motorcycle. He could barely move his arm, but he managed to grab a stick.

And started poking at the bike until the tail opened up a little more and more. He spent the whole day until the phone finally fell out.

Friday night, Tony Hipple’s cell phone rang. On the other end was the faint voice of his brother Justin.

“So he said I wrecked your bike and I can't move,” Tony Hipple said. “So I said ok where are you where are you. He said I don't know where I am at. I am in the woods.”

Justin was saved and taken to a local hospital to recover.

Pieces of broken bike and bits of Justin Hipple’s clothes remain at the scene of the crash. The first words from Justin Hipple were an apology for wrecking his younger brother’s motorcycle.

Tony Hipple told him not to worry. Bikes are replaceable. Brothers not so much.