A Royal Wedding for the ages

Like all things related to the British Royals, the “State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry of the Mounted Regiment” were busy Friday practicing for their role in the royal wedding.

The 114 horse cavalry and riders admit they’re a bit nervous about all their responsibilities, including transporting William and Kate to and from the palace.

"The main thing is we get the bride and groom from the abbey back to the Palace, safely,” said Captain Roly Spiller, Adjutant of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. “If it looks smart, if they're happy, we're happy.”

At a British bakery, staff know that foodies worldwide are showing fascination about the wedding cake – much like the fashionista world’s obsession with Kate’s dress.

Fiona Cairns is famous for her fruitcakes. When Kate chose her, some wondered whether they would really serve fruitcake at the royal wedding. But so far, the rumor is that Kate wants a classic white cake with cream and white flowers.

And while the British get all the attention this week, the Canadians are also in the news.

Canadians who, after all, are a constitutional monarchy under Queen Elizabeth and consider William and Kate part of the Canadian Royal family, unveiled a new stamp to mark the occasion.

For anyone who thinks the Royals may be getting too much attention – take heart. Prince William tried to get a table at a restaurant in Wales this past weekend but was turned away.

The chef said he simply couldn’t handle feeding the prince’s party of 20 and helped them find another restaurant nearby.