A roundup of the political troubles in D.C.

When you line them up in a row, it’s a lot. D.C.’s mayor and four councilmembers are under a political microscope.

Starting at the top. Mayor Vincent Gray has been embroiled in the Sulaimon Brown scandal for weeks. Brown has accused Gray of paying him during the election to bad-mouth former mayor Adrian Fenty in exchange for a job. Also, Gray fired his chief-of-staff after reports came out saying children of top officials received city jobs.

On the council, in addition to Harry Thomas, who is accused of misusing public money to buy, among other things, an Audi SUV, council chairman Kwame Brown has dueling issues: The taxpayer-paid SUV scandal and an audit showing hundreds of thousands of campaign money weren’t properly accounted for.

Earlier this year, Yvette Alexander found herself under investigation for how her constituent services fund was being used. And Michael Brown’s been accused of conflict of interest by pushing for online gaming while working for a law firm with ties to gaming.

The only part of D.C. government longtime resident Virgil Orstander says works well is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Others agree that D.C.’s government appears broken.

“They're not doing their jobs and its sad for us district residents,” said Shkeia Brown.

Councilman David Catania, who is scandal free, believes voters have had enough and a time for change could be quickly approaching.

“There was a time in the past when members who were confronted with these types of scandals would do what was right for the city and not for themselves and that would be step aside,” he said.