A new home for a hero

Volunteers from across the area came together to make sure a combat medic who was wounded in Afghanistan and confined to a wheelchair has a suitable home.

The medic, Johnny Agbi, spent 11 years in the army caring for others. But in 2002, while in Afghanistan, he was critically wounded when he was blown off a cliff and shattered his back. He injured his skull and has a couple of shrapnel wounds.

Living alone, it's nearly impossible to get around in his narrow townhouse without crawling on his hands.

That's why Sears Heroes at Home is rehabilitating his house to make it handicap accessible with all new appliances. Another non-profit, Rebuilding Together, will help install stairway safety rails, lower counters, widen doors and replace the bathtub with a shower stall.

The total price tag is $200,000 but Agbi won’t pay a cent. He says he already paid $60,000 for a contractor to do the work and he got ripped off.

Agbi first declined when chosen for the Heroes program, thinking fellow soldiers were more needy. But when volunteers showed up, he gave in.