A hero's welcome home

Settling into their seats, students at St. Mary’s of the Mills school thought they would be sitting through just another school ceremony.

Instead, they got a surprise reunion with a real life hero: Army Captain Mike Eitelman.

Until Wednesday, Eitelman had just been a name on a box. He had been the lucky recipient of care packages students have been sending to the troops on holidays.

Just back from Afghanistan, Eitelman decided to surprise the students. He believes a simple thank you card just wouldn’t do it.

“To receive those tidings of well-wishing especially from young people is very meaningful to a lot of guys,” he said.

Students on Wednesday said they were the ones who were touched.

“It makes me happy when I help people because I don't expect for anything in return but I know that I'm making those people happy,” said student Rachel Kilgallon.