2 Million Bikers to D.C. Ride makes trip around Beltway

Bikers swarmed Livingston Road in Fort Washington at the outset of the ride. Photo: ABC7

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Motorcyclists swarmed the Beltway Wednesday to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and counter-protest a Muslim group's event on the National Mall.

The ride, which began in Fort Washington, travel through the District near the Capitol and monuments.

Ed Hogle brought his metal 9/11 statue to haul through the nation's capital. He and the other bikers wanted a massive tribute Wednesday.

But since the group did not get a permit for an unimpeded parade through D.C., they improvised and circled the Beltway.

But many of the bikers then turned into the city and turned up the volume on Constitution Avenue.

“This is a blast,” says Andy Anderson, a Newark, Del. Resident. “Nothing better than this, doing something for America remembering 9/11 victims.”

Meanwhile in downtown D.C., the army of motorcycles clogged some thoroughfares. Some on the sidewalk who witnessed the swarms of hogs enjoyed the roar and shared the sentiment.

In a letter to one of the ride's organizers obtained by ABC7, the National Park Service said that the ride would "unreasonably interfere with regular and rush-hour traffic."

Organizers vowed not to alter their route but decided Wednesday to change it so that riders would make their way around the outer loop of the Beltway, at which point riders could decide on their own to ride into the District.

The ride was initially organized to protest the American Muslim Political Action Committee's rally, which was initially called the Million Muslim March but was later changed to the Million American March Against Fear.

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