15-year-old graduates from college

One D.C. student spent last weekend doing what hundreds of fellow students did: he graduated from college.

Only Ty Hobson-Powell is just 15 years old.

"I like to say I'm a normal 15-year-old, I play basketball, I like to play video games, I still interact with kids my own age," Hobson-Powell said.

He may be your typical teen on the basketball court, but walking across a college graduation stage is anything but. Just one month shy of his 16th birthday, Hobson-Powell received both his diploma in interdisciplinary studies and the title of the youngest to graduate from the school at the University of Baltimore.

"I was a knucklehead, you know, I would take some dead time and I'd get in trouble every once in a while, even though my academic performance was ok, so I just figured I needed something that would best fit me and better challenge me," he said.

After transferring from Howard University to Baltimore, Hobson-Powell completed four years of coursework in just two years.

He’s no stranger to accelerated achievements: He started speaking Chinese by three years old and graduated from high school at age 13. The idea to get a degree before a driver's license was all his.

"He was writing letters to the president at an early age,” mother Liz remembers.

Hobson-Powell insists he's no nerdy brainiac and would choose a baksetball over a book any day.

"I tweet way too much to get all A's, I play basketball way too much to get all A's, my grades are good but not as good as they could be if I spent more time in school," he said. In his Twitter bio, he says, "I'm Humbled. Follow Me On My Journey To The Top."

He still making his final decision just where he wants to attend law school, and then he plans to go to medical school. He hopes to make a career combining the two. He says he'd like to get that driving permit before starting on his next degree.