'Super fit moms' balance life, family and workouts

Photo: ABC7

Whether it's at summer camp, school, practice or other activities, Potomac mother Tracy Byrum's three kids are always on the go.

So is she.

Byrum, a triathlete in her own right, says that in between carting them around, she squeezes in as many workouts as possible. She's part of a cadre of mothers that are balancing a lifestyle of raising kids, holding down jobs and staying in tip-top shape.

"It's very important to make time for yourself so you don't become Megan's mom or Johnny's mom or Davey's mom," Tracy, who says she tries to get in two swims, three runs and two bike trips in per week, said. "You become Tracy again."

The movement is leading to a boom for businesses who cater to these on-the-go moms.

Women's athletic apparel stores are expanding, including Athleta, which plans to double the number of stores they have by the end of 2013. Programs like "Stroller Strides" for new moms to get in shape are multiplying. Women-specific road races are also more common and offer incentives like jewelry and champagne for finishers.

For endurance and wellness coach Alyssa Morrison, the movement is providing a supportive environment for women.

"There's definitely swag that goes along catered right toward women," Morrison said. "As these moms find ways to carve time into their schedule for themselves or incorporate families, they find that it's completely doable."

One of those moms, Shannon Dietrick, says creativity is the key as she blends her family, her job as a swim coach and her workouts.

"Staying mentally healthy and staying physically felling well is such an advantage," Dietrick said.

Dietrick, Byrum and other active moms have one common ideal as well - they try to include their kids in their workouts as much as possible and get plenty of support from their husbands.