'Occupy the Highway' marchers reach D.C.

Occupy protesters in D.C. (Photo: Horace Holmes)

(AP, ABC7) - About two dozen Occupy Wall Street participants arrived in D.C. after a two-week, 240-mile march from New York.

The protest is known as "Occupy the Highway," and it picked up a few additional participants as the marchers made their way through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

“We've sustained physical pain and withstand this just by the hopes in people's eyes as we walk past them and the chants and the thumbs up,” marcher Bo Hon said.

Eric Carter from Washington has been in New York City taking part in the Occupy Wall Street protest for more than a month.

“Going from New York to D.C., we got to stop in small and see people who didn't know what Occupy Wall Street is all about,” he said.

Their arrival in Washington was planned to coincide with an announcement by the congressional supercommittee on possible cuts and tax increases, but the committee beat the marches by a day when it announced it failed to reach a deal Monday.

Organizer Kelley Brannon says the failure of the supercommittee only strengthens the protesters' message that Congress is not addressing the concerns of middle- and lower-income Americans.

“What happened with the super committee is a perfect representation of our current political process and how it functions and we won't stand for it any longer,” said Hanni Crayton.

The marchers briefly stopped to rally with the Occupy D.C. protesters at McPherson Square before continuing to Freedom Plaza and the steps of the Capitol.

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