'Danny Appreciation Day' shows support for 6-year-old Massachusetts student

Danny's teammates donned his trademark suit and tie to show him support. Photo: WCVB

(WJLA) - A band of Massachusetts studenet were not going to stand for their beloved classmate getting picked on anymore, and their support for their friend is capturing hearts nationwide.

Danny, a 6-year-old at Mitchell Elementary School in Bridgewater, Mass., suffered from a brain hemorrhage shortly after being born, WCVB reports. He has difficulty speaking, which has led some kids at the school, which is south of Boston, to pick on him.

What more, he serves as the waterboy for the school's pee wee football team, and he does it while wearing a suit and tie every day.

WCVB says that once the players on the team found out about him being picked on, they stood up for him in the only way they knew how - they held a Danny Appreciation Day.

"The coach calls us a band of brothers. He's one of us," one of Danny's teammates, 11-year-old Jimmy Peterson, told WCVB.

During Danny Appreciation Day, the team all wore his trademark dapper suit.