"Bikini boot camp" gets clients in shape for summer

Many people are looking to shed some pounds for the summer. One way to do that is a military-style boot camp complete with diet suggestions offered at one Annapolis gym.

Within 14 days, trainer Nathalie King at Evolutions Body Clinic in Annapolis gets clients to jog, press and squat their way into better shape.

Cheri Phipps is wrapping up her second round of the so-called bikini body boot camp. “I feel stronger than ever, I just feel really good about myself,” said Phipps.

During the bootcamp, clients work out 45 minutes to an hour every day for two weeks clients, plus another 45 minutes of cardio on their own.

The recommended diet is based on lean protein, vegetables and protein shakes. Trainer King says she's noticed an increase in the boot camp's popularity in recent years.

“That's really the trend right now in fitness, you look at these (workout videos) P90X and Insanity,” she said. But she adds it's not a quick fix, instead meant to “jumpstart” people’s fitness plans.

King says in exceptional cases clients have lost five percent body fat, but the typical loss is about two to three percent body fat, and between two and ten pounds.