Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon canceled due to shutdown

Another fallout from the government shutdown is Sunday's Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.

On Wednesday evening, the race's Facebook page announced that the race has been postponed to November 10.

Organizers were keeping a close watch on any developments from Capitol Hill before making a final decision on postponing the event, and after the White House met with congressional lawmakers with no solution, the decision was finally made.{ }

Unfortunately, many runners have already made plans to be here -- months in advance.

Runners start at Mount Vernon in Alexandria, end at National Harbor, and get there by way of George Washington Memorial Parkway. It's along that stretch of highway where you'll find the roadblock.

"U.S. Park Police, they have to staff that, and we cannot staff that ourselves," said Nearman.

With the government shutdown, the necessary personnel aren't available on Sunday, putting participants like Michael Wardian in training limbo. He is an avid runner, and knows how much planning can go into just one race.

"I mean this could be the focus of someone's whole year," said Wardian.

It's also the focus of local businesses.

"People who work in hotels, the waiters and waitresses in the restaurants -- we end at National Harbor, and those stores won't get the business on a Sunday that they thought they were getting," said Nearman.

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For more info, visit the race's website:

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