Weather dampens plans at both Republican, Democratic conventions

Crews take down speakers at the Bank of America Stadium after Thursday's Democratic National Convention proceedings were moved to the Time Warner Cable Arena due to weather Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

It seems Mother Nature has her own political platform, and her vote this election goes to - neither party!

That’s right. The final arbiter of our sunny skies or cloudy conditions has spoken on convention season and apparently has no favorite between the R’s and D’s.

Hurricane Isaac shortened Tampa’s Republican National Convention and now a lingering set of storms has crashed President Obama’s Charlotte crescendo. Wednesday, the Democratic National Convention decided to move Obama’s speech from the massive, 73,000-seat Bank of America stadium to the covered and cozier 20,000-seat confines of the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Seems like a reasonable move, right? There’s a 30 percent chance of storms, and one flash of lighting could force evacuations from the football field.

But wait a minute…conspiracy theorists abound! They, and we’re talking mostly of Republicans here, with a large grin, wink and nod imply - rather shout - that the move has nothing to do with the weather. They insist Team Obama was worried about filling all those seats. They also know the media might choose to focus on an empty row in section 430 rather than the President’s policy lines on Medicare.

Can’t you see the headline on Drudge?

Either way, the decision was made and that meant the most entertaining back and forth we’ve seen in…well, just days…but at least it was better than the spat over who built what and if who couldn’t instantly answer the ‘are we better off now’ question. True, those are real issues but the ensuing battles over how they’ve been handled, frankly, is mostly white noise.

So too, is this. But at conventions, where the 24-hour spin cycle turns at such a furious pace, sometimes a discussion over cloak and dagger forecasting decisions is just the political levity we need.

The laughs come easy after watching this back and forth between Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter & Romney surrogate, John Sununu. Here’s what they told me immediately after the decision was made:

Of course, the end result means about 50,000 fewer people get to see the POTUS in person. The consolation prize: a conference call for those scorned ticket holders with the man himself.

Unless of course, Mother Nature decides she’s not done just yet and knocks out the phone lines next.