Voters already decided their presidential vote, poll finds

If a candidate was named today, a majority already have their mind made up on who they would vote for, a new Washington Post-ABC poll found Tuesday.

When asked “If the presidential election were being held today and the candidates were (Barack Obama, the Democrat) and (Mitt Romney, the Republican), for whom would you vote?” 47 percent said Romney and an equal 47 percent said Obama, while the others said they have no opinion.

Interestingly, when asked “(If named a candidate) Will you definitely vote for (NAMED CANDIDATE), or is there a chance you could change your mind and vote for someone else?” 77 percent said they would vote for the candidate they’ve already chosen, while eight percent said there was a “good chance” they would change their mind and 13 percent said that it was unlikely that they would change their mind.

The polling results come as Romney and President Obama are in the midst of spending millions of dollars on campaigning throughout the nation—hoping to rally enough votes to win the election that is just months away.

“The stability persists despite the costliest blitz of early campaign advertising the country has ever seen,”the Washington Post reported.