Virginia Governor's Race: Bill Clinton backs Terry McAuliffe

HERNDON, Va. (WJLA) – Former president Bill Clinton joined former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe on stage Monday night inside a packed middle school in Herndon, Virginia.

The old friends are appearing together several times in these final days of the gubernatorial race.

Mr. Clinton said he’s on the campaign trail because he trusts McAuliffe’s mainstream approach to solving the state’s challenges:

"Terry's got the right priorities, but most important of all, he's got the right philosophy."

While he never mentioned McAuliffe’s opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, by name, he did call out the Attorney General for being a radical ideologue who won’t succeed at the political art of compromise like McAuliffe will.

"So when people complain that Terry McAuliffe is a deal maker, I always say, 'The Constitution, go back and read it -- it should be subtitled, 'Let's make a deal,'" said Clinton.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli has painted McAuliffe as a former Democratic operative who has no governing experience; but McAuliffe fires back that his opponent’s brand of politics won’t work – especially when it comes to critical issues in Northern Virginia.

"Here's the truth: if Ken Cuccinelli were elected governor, he would bring his ideological extremism and he would cripple any progress on transportation," said McAuliffe.

Those we spoke with in this partisan crowd said the addition of former president Bill Clinton on stage “speaks volumes to [McAuliffe's] character, because President Clinton has done a lot for this country and globally."