Virginia's debit card tax refunds prove costly for recipients

Many tax payers in Virginia are frustrated with the Commonwealth's new way of distributing state tax refunds.

When Elieen Pribble received her daughter's state refund, she couldn't believe the ordeal that would follow.

"A dollar here, and a dollar there. That's a lot of money they're making just because their system doesn't work, and they're dropping calls." Pribble said.

Her daughter was sent a debit card loaded with her refund instead of a check. The debit card distributions are new to the Commonwealth this year. So far, 300,000 people have received debit card refunds, but many are just learning how costly they can be.

You're charged up to $2 just to transfer your cash from the system. And every time you call customer service, those calls, which often fail, cost a $1 each.

"That's a pretty good scheme," Pribble added. "...they've got you over a barrel, and somebody's gotta do something about it."

She called Virginia Delegate Scott Surovell, (D-Fairfax), in hopes he's do something about it. The delegate has received plenty of complaints from constituents about the system.

"It's obviously well intentioned," Surovell said. "...but it just doesn't work right."