Virginia governor's race already getting ugly

At the Front Page in Ballston, politics are often front and center and that’s the case when talk turns to the race for Virginia governor, which is already getting ugly.

“I want the ads to be nasty,” says Ralph Davis. “Let’s get into it.”

Davis, a republican from Springfield, is looking forward to mudslinging.

“Just brings it all out. Brings out the character in people,” he says.

Greg Morris, a democrat from Arlington, may not like it, but he expects it.

“Ugly. It’s just politics, come on. They’re all ugly at some point,” he says.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli is hitting hard on democrat Terry McAuliffe’s failed venture leading Greentech, an electric car company. Monday, Cuccinelli released his first television ad of the campaign, his wife Tiero focusing on family and compassion.

“Virginia deserves a governor who is experienced, principled, and honest,” Tiero says in the ad.

Virginia democrats say that’s not true and are now calling on Cuccinelli to resign as attorney general after revealing he failed to disclose thousands of dollars in gifts from supporter Jonnie Williams, the same supporter who paid the catering bill at the wedding of Governor Bob McDonnell’s daughter.

“This race has become one of the nastiest Virginia governor’s races ever and it’s only April,” says national political reporter James Hohmann of POLITICO.

Hohmann says the lack of enthusiasm for both candidates will turn this into a race to the bottom.

“Both sides are depending on driving up the negatives for the other,” Hohmann says.