Violent outbreaks plague Ukraine's Election

Today in the eastern Ukrainian village of Karlivka, the warring factions are waiting for the fires to burn out before determining how many were killed today in battles between pro-Ukranian fighters and pro-Russian separatists.

With bullet-ridden cars scattered through the streets, eyewitnesses say the gunfire erupted in the morning and spilled in to residential neighborhoods.
Throughout eastern Ukraine today, nerves are high and the streets deadly as both sides class in advance of sunday's scheduled presidential election.

Today in Moscow, Russian president vladimir putin told ceo's gathered from around the world that he will respect the results of sunday's elections - but went on to insist the fighting is directly the result of the west... Accusing US and European leaders of staging a coup to topple ukraine's recently ousted president.

Several u-s CEO's skipped the st petersburg economic forum, at the urging of the white house - but russia's energy minister said today plenty of companies are still lining up to do business with the russian government.