Vice presidential debate 2012: Joe Biden, Paul Ryan square off and you react live

(Photo: Associated Press)

While you watched Thursday night's vice presidential debate, we saw an unbelievable amount of response and activity during our second round of ABC7/React Labs Instant Reaction.

From abortion to taxes, Syria to the drawdown in Afghanistan, responses to Joe Biden and Paul Ryan were off the charts at the most pivotal and heated points of the debate.

While you watched and weighed in, the chart below displayed moment-by-moment reactions from every participant! If you missed your chance to get involved this time (or really want to do it again, hopefully!), we'll activate Instant Reaction for the final two Barack Obama/Mitt Romney presidential debates as well.

Thank you for participating in ABC 7/React Labs Instant Reaction! Check out the final Instant Reaction results below.

You also didn't even have to leave to tweet your thoughts about the debate! You can still use our widget below and the hashtag #Debates to join the conversation.

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