Unemployment benefits: Debate continues

(WJLA) - Democrats are arguing that reinstating unemployment benefits to people like Breana Dawkins means that money goes right back into the economy.

After losing her retail job last year, the D.C. resident still has to buy basics – like shoes for her two-year-old son. But she saves money by living with her mother and helping take care of her five-year-old niece.

Dawkins worries that losing her unemployment benefits may hurt her chances of continuing the classes she has been taking to find work in the health care field. And now, she has a message for Congress:

“Just think about the young mothers with kids who are trying to do something with themselves and better themselves -- for themselves and their child."

On Monday on the Senate floor, Democratic leader Harry Reid rejected Republican arguments that long-term unemployment benefits reduce the incentive to find a job.

“Today there's only one job opening for every three people searching. We have never had so many unemployed for such a long period of time," he said.

Yet this past weekend on ABC's "This Week," Republican Rep. Rand Paul voiced the concerns of many conservatives:

"I'm not opposed to unemployment insurance, I'm opposed to having it without paying for it. I think it's wrong to borrow money from China or simply print up money for it."