Undocumented mother who turned in husband for crime now faces homelessness

(WJLA) - It has been a long road for the woman we'll call "Lydia" and her three children.

"We've been bouncing, going from one place to another," Lydia said.

Her eldest daughter was being sexually exploited by her father - so the undocumented immigrant made the bold move of telling police - even if it meant uncertainty for her own future, and nowhere to live.

Since January, the four have been in a motel, but money has run out, and one of her daughters, severely disabled with feeding and breathing tubes, needs surgery in six weeks.

"I really need, am desperate for a stable place," she told us. "My daughter can't be operated on - if she's not operated on, she'll face even more grave situations."

The Tahirih Justice Center has been trying desperately to find the family a shelter, since medically, her daughter needs more than a cramped motel room for recovery.

"What she did to protect her children was incredibly courageous and brave, and she knew the consequences would be that she would have no means of support and nowhere to live. And she did it anyway," said Layli Miller-Muro of Tahirih. "And it's tragic we have expired all opportunities and possibilities looking at homeless shelters.

While Lydia's story is heartbreaking, it is sadly not unique. Tahirih has had no luck in finding shelters that are ADA-compliant, and can accomodate Lydia's daughter.

They're now hoping someone can step forward with a solution that so far has eluded them all.

When asked if she is still glad for what she did in turning in her husband, Lydia says, "Yes, I am glad I reported the crime because if I didn't, I believe even more severe harm could have happened."

A mother always has to have her children's back, and to free them from any danger they may face," she added.

For more information about the Tahirih Justice Center, visit them online.