Tweet not what your country can do for you....

If only JFK were alive for the social-media mayhem that exists today, I wonder, would he too be asking you to Tweet your demands to Capitol Hill?

Tuesday, in his pitch to Americans in favor of extending the payroll-tax cuts, Mr. Obama ended his speech by encouraging them to use: #40dollars when Tweeting as a way of pressuring Republicans to follow suit.

Watch the campaign trail lately and you’ll note this is a bipartisan trend. Newt Gingrich is even in on the act these days…although he likes to temper his social media persuasions with a tone of mockery, adding people can also, God forbid, talk “face to face” to spread his message.

It is an invaluable tool in politics these days and probably the least expensive way to campaign directly to followers who won’t attend actual events. After all, President Obama’s Facebook page currently has 25,177,683 followers. So you can’t blame them for tapping into such a vast, limitless resource.

By the way, I’m still stuck below a thousand Twitter & Facebook followers if anyone cares to help out. I.E....

…Tweet what you can do for Thuman’s CAPITOL Thoughts.


Channeling his inner-cupid Tuesday, or maybe just that of a husband who’s failed before on Valentine’s Day (we’ve all been there, Mr. Obama) the President opened his remarks with some sage-like advice for all men out there. Indeed, hoping to save anyone who moments later was rushing to grab the last heart-shaped box of drug store chocolates and battered bouquet, Obama issued this light-hearted public service announcement, a reminder and a tip. (Readers: if you’re just now realizing the date…odds are it’s too late).


On a more serious note, House GOP leaders seem poised to give in on the payroll tax extension in order to avoid being labeled on the trail, “the party that doesn’t care”.

Granted, there’s a caveat for giving in on extending cuts without a way to pay for them. In return, they’re going to want the Medicare fix & jobless benefits to be made whole by trimming other budgets. But that’s another fight…