TSA reminds airport security agents that D.C. is part of U.S. after license confusion

(WJLA file photo)

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Security workers at Orlando International Airport are being shown the District of Columbia driver's license after one agent's apparent confusion over its validity.

A Washington D.C. man was returning to the District over the weekend when he encountered a Transportation Security Administration agent who didn't recognize his license, or D.C. itself.

The TSA asked Justin Gray for a passport, which Gray wasn't carrying. Gray says that after further back-and-forth, he realized the agent was not aware what the District of Columbia was.

Gray eventually made it through security and voiced his complaints to a supervisor and then the rest of the world via Twitter. He says Washington is "a bizarre place" but a passport isn't needed.

Officials said all Orlando TSA agents are now being shown copies of the D.C. driver's license.