Tim Kaine: Washington Post endorsement leaves Allen wanting

{ }The Washington Post's editorial board has endorsed Tim Kaine over George Allen in the race for Jim Webb's soon-to-be vacated U.S. Senate seat.

Call it a rousing endorsement. Consider:

The first paragraph of today's lead editorial:

"TWO FORMER Virginia governors, Timothy M. Kaine and George Allen, are running for the U.S. Senate seat that Mr. Allen fumbled away six years ago. They are partisan stalwarts who disagree on deficit reduction, energy policy, health care, abortion, the death penalty and much else. The contrast in character and intellect is even more stark. On those grounds, Mr. Kaine, a Democrat, is a better choice by leaps and bounds than Mr. Allen, a Republican."

The last paragraph:{ }

"In a Congress seized by partisan acrimony, Mr. Allen, who once pledged to knock Democrats’ “soft teeth down their whiny throats,” would be a force for divisiveness. Mr. Kaine, like his mentor Sen. Mark Warner, has the potential to be a deal-maker. That’s more what the Senate needs."{ } { }