Senate advances bill to keep Government open, funds Planned Parenthood

United States Senate (WJLA File Photo)

Congress has just about 48 hours left to reach an agreement on a budget to avoid a government shutdown - the second in two years. Monday night, that effort took a big step forward. The Senate advanced a spending bill to keep Washington open but only through December 11, which means the battle over the defunding of Planned Parenthood will likely continue.

By a vote of 79-19, the Senate advanced a bill to keep Washington open through December 11. In the measure, Planned Parenthood remains funded, which sets the stage for another showdown.

Recent videos appear to show Planned Parenthood breaking the law by selling body parts of aborted fetuses. Many in the GOP want the organization defunded - some have said they're willing to shut down the government unless it happens.

"We absolutely feel like a pawn. We're being kicked back and forth between this with no control over any of it," said Jim Dinegar, the President and CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade

In 2013, when the government last shutdown over Obamacare, it lasted 16 days. 800,000 federal workers stayed home. Many were furloughed. National parks closed. Standards and Poor's estimated it cost the economy $1.5 billion a day. And Jim Dinegar, with the Greater Washington Board of Trade, says our area was hit the hardest.

"Now we're back up. Things are going well. We can really see and feel it. And to crash it again would really be an unfortunate and poorly timely event," concluded Dinegar.

The bill the Senate advanced Monday night goes to the House. It must be passed before Wednesday at midnight to avoid the shutdown.

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