Romney, Obama: Campaign ad controversy

A controversial campaign ad is taking center stage in the race for the White House tonight. The Priorities USA super PAC ad implies that Mitt Romney's business decision led to the death of a man's wife after he lost his job and his health care.

President Obama's campaign continues to insist it has nothing to do with the ad. Romney's team says Joe Soptic's wife was diagnosed years after he was let go and that she wasn't even on his healthcare plan.

"I think the Romney campaign's reaction to that has been over the top," said Brad Woodhouse, DNC Communications Director "They have attacked the victim here. Look that ad has nothing to do with the campaign. We can't control the content of that ad."

But was there coordination? An Obama aide used Soptic's story on a conference call a few months ago and then denied knowledge of that.

"A candidate doesn't have any control over the ads," noted George Allen, Republican Virginia Senate Candidate. "I'll see some ads and I'll say who did this or where does that come from. There is no coordination."

The Romney camp has been accused of running false statements about the president's welfare plan in their latest ad. PolitiFact found so much wrong in it that it gave the ad a ranking of "pants on fire".

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