Rick Perry's 'Strong' ad elicits strong public response, spoofs

Still of GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry in his ad 'Strong.' (Photo: Rick Perry)

Several days ago, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry release an ad title Strong where he espoused his Christian faith and said if elected, he would "end Obama's war on religion." It went viral immediately.

On YouTube, the advertisement has about 401, 635 dislikes. It has 9,518 likes (as of Friday morning) and user comments have been disabled.

WATCH the original ad below.

Public opinion has been strong, but it's not all serious. Comedians have been spinning the ad, too. Here are a few videos we found. Andy Cobb of Second City's The Partisans Huffington Post Comedy responded with a PSA against the War on Christmas.

War On Christmas PSA

In a show of support for Rick Perry's ad, comedian Stephen Colbert had two santas make out under the mistletoe.

The Colbert Report
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