Rick Perry's debate blunder

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UPDATE 4:25 p.m.: The “first” Herman Cain accuser, Karen Kraushaar has chosen *not* to hold a press conference detailing specifics regarding what her attorney called a “series” of instances of sexual harassment over multiple days.

The reason & the statement are below:

Kk.cain.Press.release.nov.10(function() { var scribd = document.createElement("script"); scribd.type = "text/javascript"; scribd.async = true; scribd.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(scribd, s); })(); ORIGINAL POST: Alright, we’d be foolish to begin without debate fallout on a 3-mile island scale for one candidate, though I hardly think it ends the campaign. Usually we’re looking for fireworks, not faux pas; at least, not this glaring:
Granted, it can happen to anyone. Spend enough time in front of the cameras and we all have moments where we blank.

The problem for Gov. Perry is that his past debates have been so sub-par that this just pulls free massive chunks of stone from a his wall of confidence he’d been trying to rebuild after previous debate mistakes.

His response, though, deserves a Texas-sized thumbs up. Governor Perry embraced the error…went to the spin room, which is typically reserved for surrogates immediately after a debate, and admitted he’s glad he wore boots because he sure “stepped in it."

He then sent out an email reminding people of other ‘human’ moments like this one from President Obama regarding 57 states in the U.S. and other governing gaffes.
Oh, and he not so subtly then asks for $5 donations from supporters for every government agency they’d like to forget. From crash & burn…to cash and earn?

Mark Being Mark

Yesterday I wrote my kick-off column on the concept of Mr. Cain’s mantra, “Herman being Herman." I’d be remiss though if I didn’t add this one. Last night at an event for the arts, plenty of people were still buzzing about the remarks by Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block.

Yes, he can blow smoke with the best of them (you remember the ads, right?) but it’s not just literal. Figuratively, there was plenty of hot air coming from the man who continues to carry copies of the Journalist’s Code of Ethics around to issue reporters who ask about the sexual harassment claims.

Well, Mr. Block…you may want to give it a good glance yourself.

Watch this:
So what’s wrong?
a-Karen Kraushaar is NOT even related to reporter Joshua Kraushaar
b-Josh Kraushaar does NOT work at Politico and has not since June…of 2010!

Yet he insists he had confirmed this information.

Mr. Block might want to stop passing out copies and instead, pull up Google.


Joel Bennett, the attorney for Karen Kraushaar told me to check in later today for a possible development in the effort to get all four accusers to band together for a joint press conference. While that appears unlikely to happen before Monday he says, there could be some news to come out of his Georgetown office.

I’ll tweet it as soon as I get it:

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