Richmond's Bill's Barbecue: Romney uses its closing as campaign tool

CREDIT: Associated Press

Alas, he never will a chance to sample Bill's Barbecue offerings.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney used the landmark restaurants, shuttered a couple of months ago, as campaign tool during a tour of Virginia Thursday, and Richmond's Times-Dispatch has a good read about the subject.

Here's a look, as well as a link to the story:

"As Romney kicked off a day of campaigning across the state, his campaign released an Internet video advertisement linking the demise of the business to the president. At and at the newspaper's Facebook page, the vast majority of more than 120 commenters scoffed at the idea that the president was to blame for the failure of the business.

"Romney later stopped by the 82-year-old Richmond institution — known well for its pork, limeades and chocolate pie — which closed in September after years of decline."{ }