Prince George's County: Same-sex marriage, casino gambling and The Dream Act

Prince George’s County is ground zero in the battle over same-sex marriage, The Dream Act and gambling. And voter turnout was strong Tuesday, with long lines at most locations.

Lake Arbor Elementary School registered nearly 800 votes by 11 A.M. and there was a steady flow of voters at Woodmore Elementary in Mitchellville.

“There’s a lot of issues to be decided and we're here to decide them,” said voter Rita Grant. “And it means a lot to the County.”

Prince Georgians have seen influential church leaders stand against same-sex marriage. The County Executive is the driving political force behind a casino at National Harbor. And the way the law is written, the County essentially has veto power over Question 7.

“You know those are issues that either add to or take away how we live in this county,” added voter James Gantthe. “So it’s very important this time around.”