Presidential poll, women voters even on candidates

First Lady Michelle Obama rallied in Leesburg Tuesday in an effort to inspire female voters.

The rally comes as new poll numbers from the Pew Research Center show that President Obama and Mitt Romney are dead even with women voters at 47% each. Back in September, President Obama held an 18 point lead with women voters. Many feel the recent debate was a game changer.

“I really appreciated that Romney took it upon himself to look at Obama, look him in the eyes,” said Megan Hoffman, DC resident. “And Obama, he was kind of - he would look down or wouldn't exactly address Romney.”

In the latest Pew research, Mitt Romney holds a slim lead among likely voters with 49% to Obama’s 45%.

Some Obama supporters feel their candidate will eventually win because of his stance on abortion.

“Whatever your particular opinion on women's health - you know, abortion - many of us believe that every woman has the right to choose,” said Lynn Carter, Lansdowne resident.

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