Presidential debate: the day after

The first presidential debate may be in the books, but the war of words continues. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are back on the road and talking about Wednesday’s matchup.

President Obama came out swinging at a rally in Denver Thursday, taking aim at Romney’s remarks about “Big Bird” and cutting the federal deficit. He also claimed that Romney was hiding some of the policy ideas he’d been promoting during his campaign.

Some analysts say the President’s feisty attacks were an attempt to rebound from a lackluster showing at the debate.

"The reset button was pushed. The question is does it stay pushed or does President Obama change the narrative,” said Rachel Smolkin, White House Editor of Politico. “President Obama is going to prep extensively-I think we can agree - on the next debate which is a town hall format. Now that tends to play more to President Obama's strengths."

Meanwhile, Romney is riding high. He made a surprise stop at Colorado’s conservative political action conference. And his press secretary tweeted last night that the GOP candidate received two donations every second during the debate.

The spotlight now shifts to next week’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

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