President Obama approval ratings hurt by NSA leak, scandals

Plagued by controversies, President Obama has apparently not gotten out unscathed.

A new poll reveals that Obama’s approval rating dropped from 53 percent a month ago to 45 percent. This comes as the rate of disapproval of the president also rose—from 47 percent to an all-time high for his presidency, of 54 percent.

The poll, conducted by CNN and ORC International, is based on interviews with 1,014 adult Americans.

When asked about how they felt about president Obama’s handling of government surveillance of American citizens, 61 percent disapproved, while only 35 percent approved.

Similarly, when asked if they thought Obama was “honest and trustworthy,” 49 percent agreed (said the statement “applied” to the president), while 50 percent disagreed (said the statement “does not apply” to the president).