Phil Puckett resignation results in Republican-controlled Senate

(WJLA) - The actions of one Democratic State Senator from southwest Virginia has infuriated fellow Democrats across the Commonwealth.

Delegate Kay Kory of Falls Church speaks for many in the party reacting to the sudden resignation of Phil Puckett, whose decision now puts the Senate in the hands of Republicans – who already control the House.

The move put Puckett in line for a top job with the State Tobacco Commission and paves the way for a judgeship appointment for his daughter.

Republican Senator Richard Black represents Loudoun and Prince William Counties, and says the Senate and the House will soon pass a budget that will not include Governor Terry McAuliffe’s top priority of Medicaid expansion – the source of the budget standoff leading up to a possible government shutdown.

James Hohmann with POLITICO says this is a major blow to McAuliffe’s agenda:

"This is probably gonna be a PR win for McAuliffe, but it's gonna be a policy win for Republicans who are now in the driver's seat."