Occupy DC protests presidential dinner at Capital Hilton

Occupy DC demonstrators throw glitter on guests and police as they try to block the entrance to the Alfalfa Dinner at the Capitol Hilton in D.C. Saturday night. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

WASHINGTON (AP) - An Occupy DC organizer says they have hundreds of protesters lined up outside a prestigious Washington hotel where President Barack Obama, other political leaders and business moguls are meeting tonight.

The activist group says its members will try to get inside as uninvited guests of the annual Alfalfa Club dinner.

Occupy DC organizer Alli McCracken says they hope to convey their message to the nation's elite that "this is class war," accusing the wealthiest 1 percent of "hoarding" their riches instead of helping lower income workers.

Police have blocked off several streets around the hotel, and are keeping the protesters behind barricades.