Obama's gay marriage decision sparks church conflict

The battle of gay marriage has moved into churches. (Photo: ABC7)

The battle of gay marriage moved into churches Sunday.

Black Christians, a group who strongly supported Obama in 2008, now seem divided on whether or not they still support the president in November.

"I love the president, but I cannot support what he has done,” said
“I'm not mad with the president."

Black pastors and churchgoers tackled the topic of same-sex marriages Sunday, days after the president expressed his support for it.

At Shiloh Baptist church in D.C., where the Obama family celebrated Easter last year, Reverend Wallace Charles Smith says he would have preferred the president not weigh in on the issue.

“Will this hurt the African-American community's support for the president in the upcoming election? Well I would hope not,” he said.

But up the road in Baltimore, Pastor Emmett Burns, also a state legislator, is so upset, he publicly withdrew his support for President Obama Sunday and says the issue will cost him the election.

“I don't plan to vote for Romney for sure. And right now I plan to stay home,” Burns said.

The debate may get about jolt Tuesday when the president appears on ABC’s “The View” to explain his evolved views. The show airs live Monday -Thursday at 11:00 a.m.