Obama, Romney: presidential debate countdown

Final practices are underway for next week’s presidential debate. It will be the first time President Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney go head-to-head.

“Well no question in a debate as well as in the President’s ads I've been a little unhappy with the kinds of things he charges,” noted Romney. “I'm gonna refute those and he might not like what I have to say either.”

Domestic policy will be the topic at hand. It will be President Obama’s eighth one-on-one presidential debate. His camp says that type of experience is sure to prove successful next week.

The president fundraised in Washington Friday before heading to Las Vegas for three days of debate preps.

Romney spent the day courting Pennsylvania voters, despite President Obama’s large lead in the polls there.

The debate is next Wednesday at the University of Denver. It’s the first of three presidential debates.

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