Obama, Romney campaigns make big push in Virginia

Volunteers working for the Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama campaigns are making every effort to sway the electorate in Virginia.

Republicans say they're feeling more optimistic about the election after governor Romney's strong performance in the first debate.

“We got a huge bump in energy,” says Jay McConville, Fairfax County Republican Committee chairman. Just Thursday. “I came in here and there was a boom, an extra rush of energy.”

But Democrats say they're also energized with the latest jobs report showing the unemployment rate dropping below 8 percent.

“I think there definitely was lot of excitement about that,” says Obama campaign volunteer Kendra Gaardner. “Another exciting thing was the rally at George Mason yesterday which was pretty cool and a lot of us from the office went to that. And I actually got to shake the President's hand which was awesome.”

Street canvassing teams generally visit homes that have already indicated some support for their candidate. And even when they see a yard sign for the opposing campaign, that doesn't stop them from trying.

“We'd rather go to the doors and get the opinion. If you go by signs, if I see a Romney sign, I might just by pass it and that's not necessarily the facts of the matter. Also, there are split households,” says Obama campaign volunteer Guita Kangarloo.

Volunteers are currently focused on voter registration and promoting absentee ballots.

And from now until November 6th, Virginians should expect more phone calls and door knocks.

“You know TV ads and literature is helpful and it has an important role to play but there is absolutely no substitute for person to person contact,” says Michael Short of the Republican National Committee.

On Saturday, Democrats and the Obama campaign reported a combined war chest of $181 million for September - their best fundraising month so far.

Romney's campaign has not yet released its monthly numbers. But after Wednesday's debate, Republicans are confident they'll see a boost in the polls and fundraising.