Obama, Romney ad attacks wound candidates

Trying to put the focus back on the economy and not his history at Bain Capital, GOP challenger Mitt Romney mocked the president's strategy Tuesday.

Romney said Obama is looking for a scapegoat and he has become the reason for all America’s problems.

“It was a surprise to my family and me but he's always looking for someone out there, ATM machines, China, Europe, I mean it's always something,” he says.

Romney's been on his heels for days, and the president's team keeps swinging away. “Mitt the Money Man” is the image they want.

And new attack ads are coming from every angle.

Is it paying off? Both suffer to some degree. Four in 10 voters say the new information is making them less favorable to one of the candidates.

But the president has the edge: 33% say the recent onslaught makes favor to Obama 26 percent to Romney.

Yet while Swift Boat ads are credited with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's undoing back in 2004, that hardly means Romney will be upended too - but he's got work to do.

With now another republican, Ron Paul, saying it would help for him to release multiple years of tax returns.