Obama raises more than Mitt Romney in August

The president these days is enjoying a bit of lift-and not just at the hands of a burly supporter.

Those conventions were seen by millions and now, they're increasing the president's lead.

Last week, Obama was up by just a point over GOP challenger Mitt Romney. Now, new numbers show that lead at 5.

Republicans call the bump in numbers nothing but a sugar high, sure to recede quickly.

The battleground for much of that fight is Ohio. No republican has ever taken the White House without winning the Buckeye State. And it’s no coincidence that Romney was there Monday.

"America does not have to have the long face we do right now under this president,” he said. “We can get America going again growing again. I know how to do it - I'm calling on you for your help. I need help Ohio to help me become the next president."

Help though, often means money. For the first time in four months, Romney was outraised by Obama. This August, more than a million donors coming to his aid.

Obama raised more than $114 million in August, while Romney brought in just over $111 million, according to numbers released early Monday by the rival campaigns.

It was close though, and from here on out, that's exactly what both teams expect.

"I've heard the president say it as well as others around him that we have always believed this will be a very close race and that continues to be the president's belief," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.