O'Malley, Perry go head-to-head on CNN's Crossfire

Photo: The Associated Press

Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley have very opposing views when it comes to the economy and are battling over which state has the better strategy{ }for jobs and taxes.{ }

The two{ }potential 2016 presidential candidates{ }went head-to-head Wednesday evening on CNN's Crossfire, where each proved they're willing to put up a fight when it comes to creating jobs in their states.

Perry is on a nationwide campaign to attract more businesses to Texas by touting its business-friendly tax climate. He is directly targeting Maryland with radio and TV ads running in the state.

Perry toured Maryland's largest gun manufacturer Wendesday as part of the ongoing effort to lure businesses to the Lone Star state.{ }

"This year, we moved more of our citizens from welfare to work than any other year in Maryland history," O'Malley debated.

O'Malley{ }was also quick to name several Maryland companies - Lockheed Martin, Under Armour and Marriott.

Perry shot back and said, "We'll recruit them."

"You’re welcome to try,” O’Malley responded.

O'Malley pointed out that Texas leads the nation in the percentage of hourly employees earning equal to less than the minimum wage.{ }

"More than one in 10 workers nationwide earning at or below the minimum wage works in Texas," O'Malley wrote in Wednesday's Washington Post.{ }

O'Malley also accused{ }Perry of "slashing funding for critical middle-class priorities," a policy the Maryland governor says has resulted in Texas ranking 49th in the nation in high school graduation rate and 50th in the percentage of residents with even basic health insurance.{ }

Perry{ }casts{ }Maryland as a place where taxes overwhelm businesses large and small.{ }

"When you grow tired of Maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think Texas," he touts.