NSU displays sexually suggestive campaign posters

(WJLA) - Virginia's Democratic Party has apologized for and is working to remove posters from a southern Virginia college campus that raised eyebrows among students and community members.

The posters, which according to WAVY-TV popped up on the campus of Norfolk State Unviersity over the weekend, attack Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli with a sexually suggestive message.

That message suggests that Ken Cuccinelli wants to "make oral sex a felony." The message seemingly alludes to statement's Cuccinelli made earlier this year, which according to Slate and the Huffington Post suggested that he wanted to reinstate Virginia's Crimes Against Nature law.

According to both sites, Cuccinelli's position would technically ban oral sex between two consenting adults.

On Tuesday, in a statement issued to ABC7 News, a Virginia Democratic Party spokesperson said that they were working to have the posters removed from campus.

"While we feel Virginians deserve to know the truth about Ken Cuccinelli's extreme social agenda, we apologize to those who were offended," a party spokesman said.

The party says they are working to make sure the posters are not used again.

A message at the bottom of the poster suggests that the posters were paid for Education Votes, a subsidiary of the National Education Association.

NEA spokesman Miguel Gonzalez told ABC7 that his agency had no connection to the production of the posters.