Newt Running Scared or Flying High?

Please forgive the brevity of today’s TCT in light of our continuing coverage of the tragic shooting that took place at Virginia Tech no Thursday. I returned from Blacksburg around 4 a.m. this morning and am just catching up on the day’s politics. Have no fear however, there is plenty of very interesting material to digest.

First, I was supposed to be at Union Station right now to follow Newt Gingrich at yet another book signing. Then, just hours beforehand the campaign announced its cancellation.

Statement Below from Hudson Books:

Gingrich Union Station Book Signing Cancelled

East Rutherford, NJ - December 9, 2011 - A book signing featuring Newt
and Callista Gingrich, originally scheduled for today at 4pm at Hudson
News located within Union Station in Washington, DC, has been cancelled
in order to address public safety concerns.

The newsstand event was intended to promote Mrs. Gingrich's new
children's book, Sweet Land of Liberty, (written with Susan Arciero), as
well as two recent books by the former Speaker of the House.

Hudson News apologizes for the late notice and for any inconvenience to
our customers.

Public safety concerns? Let’s lay out a couple of scenarios (since his staff won’t).

1. It’s a very cramped spot in Union Station and a large crowd (as he’s accustomed to seeing these days) might be difficult to accommodate.
2. Perhaps more likely, is the fear of a large and unruly crowd. The Occupy DC group has been boisterous and vocal. Recently, a handful showed up at a fundraiser downtown and caused this disruption:

The ‘Occupiers’ just Tweeted out this message, implying they had something to do with Gingrich bailing:

“Newt apparently scared to show his face in DC now due to #OccupyDC. We just wanted your signature!”

Meanwhile, most of Gingrich’s opponents were making themselves at home in Iowa and playing a little catch up in many cases, by going after the current GOP frontrunner.

While they’re also unleashing attack ads, few deliver knock-out style punches as this one which was put together by a pro-life production company. Talk about no holds barred:

So, why despite all of this does Newt still have plenty of reasons to smile? I’ll give you 3: Florida, Ohio & Pennsylvania.

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